• Living by my mother’s side through her dementia journey. I discovered the power of music to help her through.

    Featuring – Guiding words for dementia caregivers at the end of each chapter.


The Books

Original Works by author John Writer Campbell

Beyond the Fading Memories: Love Remains…

24% of sales to go to Dementia non Profit

Lessons in Window Cleaning: Lessons in Life

He graduated from the school of Window cleaning!!!

About the Author

John Writer Campbell graduated with a fiction writing degree from college in 1991. Until in his 50s he put writing on hold and started an unrelated business. In 2016 he released his first book (a memoir on his business), and in 2019 he released his second book (a collection of fiction stories). He is also a talented lyric writer. He has written many lyrics and in 2020 released 2 recorded songs

Vintage typewriter

A tremendous book. John is a great writer who, who is very savvy to his subject but who also writes with great humility. He also has a great and wry sense of humor. Lessons in Window Cleaning should be read by all who would want “Lessons in Life!” I highly recommend it!