Wrote published an recorded DESPITE A YEAR OF LOSS

As I release my new website- I felt compelled the to the story of getting my last 2 books a 2 recorded songs done in the middle of many losses and trauma. In late 2018 I was living and caring for my mom who was in middle stage dementia when my father who would take her at least 3 days a week suddenly passed away after an operation. Suddenly I had my mom full time and with the help of my sister spent months trying to figure out if we could keep her at home or had to put her in facility. Eventually we decided to keep her at home and I committed full time. During this time I began to map out plans for my second book often with my mom sitting next to me asking questions over and over. At the beginning of 2019 I was beginning to write the stories for IMAGINED 12 Step Stories  when one night when picking my mom up from adult daycare, she fell head first down cement steps and broke many bones. I spent many nights along with siblings in the hospital helping with her confusion and agonizing pain . We had no choice but to put her in facility. I would visit her daily and eventually got the enegry and mental focus to finsish the book . By April it was published and launched.

In June I starting wring out my most recent book Divided-)fiction story about family torn apart by a presidential election) Late in June I got a call that my mom had passed away. I had to take a break from writing the book. Although one night I thought about words my mom had said the morning we went to see my dad after he did in hospital, It inspired me to write Beyond the Fading Memories . It was played at her services by mu nephew. After a few months of  dealing with the loss of my mom and previously my dad, I decided to start back writing Divided.  During that time I had to deal with planning out my move and family was dealing with the financial after math and property sales mostly through my sister, but was still a distraction . It wasn’t until January it was ready for editing.

During the time of editing I recorded the song World Divided with my music friend  and then recorded beyond the Fading Memories all in four sessions. On March 1st  2020 I released my new book Divided along with Song World Divided. After that released Beyond the Fading Memories. Then the Corona virus came. After adjusting I continued on with my social media campaign and wrote a list of task and goals one of which was to BUILD A NEW AUTHOR WEBSITE and on April 3rd 2020 it was complete!!!!    IT WAS ALONG AND PAINFUL ROAD TO GET HERE, BUT NOW I FEEL FREE TO SHARE MY BOOKS AND SONGS AND THE MESSAGES IN THEM!!!!       I hope you will take time to read or listen! and thanks to all who helped!!